The most widely used jacks for lifting and accurately leveling heavy machinery and equipment with low floor clearance. For all kinds of precision lifting and pressing work in hard to reach and crowded areas.


COMPACT DESIGN                           Featuring a unique compact design, the Felco jacks have the lowest  height of any hand jacks manufactured. This makes it possible to use these jacks in low clearance areas where other jacks will not fit. The 10 ton model needs a clearance of only 2 3/4 inches. The 30 ton model needs only 4 5/8 inches.

  •         SAFE TO OPERATE
  •         A large diameter lifting piston and
  •         a larger base give the Felco jacks
  •         stability when positioned under
  •         heavy loads. This eliminates
  •         swaying of the load being lifted
  •         and greatly contributes to safe
  •         operation

LIGHTWEIGHT                                    This same compact design gives the Felco jacks the lightest weight per lifting capacity of any jack ever manufactured. The 10 ton Felco jack weighs only 8 pounds, yet lifts 20,000 pounds easily.The same ratios apply to the 20 and 30 ton models.

PRECISION LIFTING                           The Felco precision jacks are ideal for precisely leveling heavy machinery and equipment or other lifting or pressing work where accurate applications of pressure is critical. Movement of the lifting piston can be controlled to as little as a few thousandths of an inch per stroke.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION                 The Felco jack is a precision tool built to exacting specifications. Both the lifting piston and the cylinder are machined from solid steel and ground to a mirror smooth finish. The link arm assembly is made of solid brass to give smooth operation and long life. The inside wall of the cylinder are case hardened. Each jack is individually tested before it is shipped. Each jack is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials.

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